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Each day we will be shining a light on a different aspect of health and community health centers.  Check out the videos, links and downloadable resources below for great health information.  Enter our random drawings to win the featured “health prize” of the day listed at the bottom of each themed day’s content below! 

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Health Center Awareness, Mental Health and Wellness, Nutrition for Better Health, Children’s Health, Dental Health, Stay Active for Health, Health Safety

Sunday, August 7th – Health Center Awareness Day!

Our National Health Center Week “Celebrate Health! Virtual Health Fair” kicks off with Health Center Awareness Day!.  View the videos, links and downloadable content below to learn more about Alcona Health Center and health center advocacy.


You can check out some of our services here.  For a more comprehensive list of services, click here.

Learn more about Care Management – With Taylor King, RN

Alcona Health Center offers the services of Community Health Workers to our established patients.  Community Health Workers help support patients’ needs by helping them connect to resources.  Click here to see our downloadable/printable brochure.

Recovery Services – AHC offers treatment for substance use disorder and those battling addiction. For more info on these services click here and watch the video below featuring Board Certified Addiction Medicine provider Dr. Maureen Mead.



Dr. John Everett on why he chooses to practice at a health center.


Become a Health Center Advocate!

Health centers provide access to health care services in the communities that need them most. Their doors are open to everyone – families and children, farmworkers and the homeless, and those who are uninsured, on Medicaid, or have private insurance. Show your support by using the hashtag #ValueCHCs, and by visiting the Health Center Advocacy Network (hcadvocacy.org) to learn more about how you can take action!

AHC Featured in HRSA’s Heart of a Health Center Video!

Alcona Health Center was chosen as one of five health centers nation-wide to be featured in HRSA’s video promoting Health Centers. Take moment to watch our very own Dr. John MacMaster in the video here-

Prize of the Day! AHC Swag Bag and a Blood Pressure Monitor

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Monday, August 8th – Mental Health and Wellness Day!

Our National Health Center Week “Celebrate Health! Virtual Health Fair” focus on Monday is Mental Health and Wellness.  Mental health care is HEALTHCARE! Physical health can impact mental health. Mental and emotional health can directly impact your physical health. Alcona Health Center offers healthcare for all of your needs! If you want to learn more about the healthcare providers at the AHC site near you, be sure to view the “locations” tab at the top of the page.

Check out the videos, download resources and links below!

(Recorded Winter of 2020) The Benefits of Coloring with Behavioral Health Therapist, Marcie Story, LMSW

Download/Print – “Bee” Less Stressed Coloring Sheet

From the Mental Wellness Wednesday Series (Spring 2021) Mind in a Jar (Present Moment Awareness) with Behavioral Health Therapist, Marcie Storey, LMSW

Make your own “mind in a jar”! Click here for downloadable/printable instructions.


Get Enough Sleep – MyHealthfinder | health.gov

Sleep Deprivation and Deficiency – How Sleep Affects Your Health | NHLBI, NIH

Start the conversation…

Online Resources –


CDC Resources for Children’s Mental Health

CDC Resources for Adult Mental Health

How do I know if I have a mental health condition? -This is a resource from the Office of Women’s Health.

What is 988? What if someone calls the old Suicide Lifeline number?

988 Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional Wellness Toolkit –

Click here for the full online resource.  Click here to download and print the checklist!

Do you want to check your knowledge?  Take this interactive Mental Health Quiz!

Prize of the Day! Better Sleep/Stress Less Gift Basket!

Sunset/Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock, Relaxing Coloring Book/Colored Pencils, Aroma Therapy Room Spray and Body Cream, and Herbal Teas all in a Basket.

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Tuesday, August 9th – Better Nutrition for Health Day!

Today our National Health Center Week celebration is all about eating healthier!  Click the links below to view videos, download resources and visit relevant websites.  Did you know that Alcona Health Center offers in person and telehealth appointments with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist? Or that our Care Managers can offer support to those who need help following a specialized diet due to a medical condition? Ask your primary care provider for more info!

Reducing Sodium Video – Featuring Denise Thompson, RDN

Reading a Food Label Video – Featuring Denise Thompson, RDN


What is Mindful Eating? Download/Print the Article

Download/Print – My Plate Coloring Sheet

Instant Pot Yogurt Recipe (simplyrecipes.com)

Are you looking for other resources for healthy recipes?  Try these sites – 

Recipe listings at nutrition.gov   Recipe listings at medlineplus.gov

Prize of the Day! Instant Pot 7 in 1 Cooker and Yogurt Maker (8 Quart)

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Wednesday, August 10th – Children’s Health/School-Based Health Care Day!

Learn more about our school based healthcare options, watch educational videos, find helpful links and download information and resources related to children’s health!  Did you know that Alcona Health Center has 3 school based health center locations (Owl Health Extension, Tiger Health Extension, Wildcat Clinic)  and a Wellness Program in Petoskey Schools? Additionally, AHC offers behavioral health services to children and adolescents within twenty three schools in six different school districts throughout their service area.  Pediatric patients are welcomed at all of our facilities and 3 of our locations have healthcare providers specializing in pediatrics – Cheboygan Campus, Long Rapids Plaza and Petoskey Child Health Associates.

Well-Child Visits and Vaccines Video – Featuring Leah Conboy, DO

And a message from Jenni Attie, FNP from Petoskey Child Health Associates

Milestone Tracker App – Click for more info! 

On Supporting Emotional and Mental Health –

Info on Vaccination –

How do bacteria and viruses make your child sick? And how do vaccines help fight them off? Learn more here: CDC Vaccine Info for Parents

For more info on vaccines for babies and toddlers click here.

Older kids need vaccines too!  Check the age range below to find out information on the vaccines your child may be due for –

4 to 6 years  7 to 10 years  11 to 12 years  13 to 18 years

Questions on the COVID-19 Vaccine for your Child?  Learn more here:

Children 6 month and older are now eligible for the COVID vaccine.  Both the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend the COVID vaccine. If you have questions about the vaccine, check the resources below and contact your child’s pediatrician or family’s healthcare provider.

From the American Academy of Pediatrics – “COVID Vaccine Checklist for Kids”

Centers for Disease Control – “Six Things to Know about COVID Vaccination for Children”

Dr. Leah Conboy speaks on concerns about the rare side effects associated with the COVID-19 vaccine.  (Note – Guidelines have changed since the recording of this video.  Children 6 months and older are now eligible for COVID vaccination.)

On Staying Active for Health

How much activity do children need (by age)?  Click here for more info and downloadable resources!

MOVE YOUR WAY – Interactive Activity Tool

Prize of the Day! ACE 3 Children’s Activity Tracker by FitBit and an Outdoor Light Up Bean Bag Toss Game!

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Thursday, August 11th – Dental Health Day! 

Our National Health Center Week celebration continues with Dental Health Day!  Your oral health has a direct impact on your overall health.  Click the links below to view videos, download resources and visit relevant websites. Did you know that in addition to our two dental offices (Oscoda, Alpena) AHC offers Dental Hygienist services in Lincoln and Cheboygan!

Brushing Tips from the American Dental Association – For more info visit mouthhealthy.org

Bad Breath? That stinks. Watch the video here from the American Dental Association.

Dental Topics to Check Into…

Dental Exam Basics   Gum Disease  Tooth Decay  Oral Cancer

Click here for more info on Rethink Your Drink! You may download or print the brochure. 

Oral Health for Older Adults – Quick Tips 

Information and resources – Children’s Oral Health

Download/Print Children’s Dental Activity Book! – Click here.

Prize of the Day! Oral B Genius X AI Live Coaching Toothbrush

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Friday, August 12th – Fitness Friday! Focus on Staying Active! 

Whether you are working on a goal of spending less time sitting on the couch or training for a race, we’re sure to have some content here that will interest you! Let’s stay active for Health!

Health Benefits of Exercise Video – Featuring Karen Sawmiller, PAC

Make a Plan to Be More Active – Click Here to Check Out an Interactive Planning Tool

How Do You Keep Your Kids on Track with Staying Active? Click Here for an Interactive Tool

Download/Print – Physical Activity Recommendations for Different Age Groups as a pdf

Young or old, beginner or someone who exercises regularly – Check out these Exercise Videos for Everyone!

Prize of the Day! Stay Active for Health – Disc Golf Starter Set!

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Saturday, August 13th – Health Safety Day!

We wrap our National Health Center Week virtual health fair with Health Safety Day!

Hands Only CPR

Sun Safety

Click here to download/print the coloring sheet below and see great resources for parents! 

How to Select A Sunscreen 

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Skin Cancer? | CDC

Medication Safety

FDA Safe Drug Disposal – Video Below

Both of AHC Pharmacies (Alpena, Lincoln) offer a Medication Disposal Program.  You can also click here to find medication take back locations in other communities. 

Put Your Medicines Up and Away and Out of Sight | Patient Safety | CDC

Prize of the Day! Health Safety Prize Pack – First Aid Kit and Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Health Prize Drawings/Website Scavenger Hunt Contest Rules

Health Prize Drawings – Alcona Health Center will offer a random drawing for a health related prize for each day of National Health Center Week.  You may enter the drawing via our Facebook page or by clicking on the prize link posted under each date and heading above.  You do not need to be a patient to win.  Information collected on the entry form will only be used to contact you in the event that you are selected as a lucky winner in the random drawings.  All winners will be announced on Facebook before the end of the business day on Monday, August 15,2022.  You may sign up for multiple prizes but will only be eligible to win once.  In the event that someone’s name is drawn more than once, the prize assigned to them will be the first prize that they were randomly selected to win. The draws will be done in sequential order, starting with Sunday.

Website Scavenger Hunt – Five  #ValueCHCs National Health Center Week 2022 links will be hidden on the Alcona Health Center website beginning Monday, August 8th through Friday, August 12th.  Find the phrase/link and click on it to enter the drawing for one of five $20 gas cards. While a new clue will be shared on Facebook and Instagram daily August 8 – 12th, the links will be active and anyone who clicks on them will be able to enter the drawings for the entire time period.  You do not need to be a patient to participate. Only one gas card prize can be awarded per person. (Multiple entries are okay but you cannot win the Website Scavenger Hunt more than once.) All winners will be announced on Facebook before the end of the business day on Monday, August 15,2022.