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Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required while on Alcona Health Center campuses. Please limit visitors to only those essential to appointments. Thank you!


Medical Services

Alcona Health Center provides comprehensive primary care.  Our team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors, along with other members of your care team will work with you to help set goals and help you to achieve your best possible health.  We offer acute care for non-life threatening illness or injury, preventative care including screenings and vaccinations, and care for chronic conditions or diseases including educational support and referrals to specialists or community resources when needed.

Behavioral Health

Alcona Health Center offers a team of behavioral health practitioners (Licensed Professional Counselors, Limited Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Master Social Workers and contracted Psychiatrists) who assist patients with mild to moderate behavioral health concerns.  We take a comprehensive approach to care and work with your primary care physician to ensure we are meeting all of your health needs.  Due to this, patients must be established with a primary care provider at Alcona Health Center to utilize our behavioral health services.  The exception – School Based Behavioral Health patients are not required to establish with an Alcona Health Center primary care provider. For more information on our School Based Behavioral Health services please select a School Based Behavioral Health site on our locations page.  For information on MAT/SUD (Substance Use Disorder) treatment click here.  For information on our Tele-psychiatry services click here.

Dental Services

Alcona Health Center offers comprehensive dental care, staffing a full team of dental professionals including dental assistants, dentists and dental hygienists at our Alpena and Oscoda Dental locations. (See location page for more information on services at these locations.) We have expanded our dental program to some of our other medical facilities.  Services available at our expansion sites are available from a Registered Dental Hygienist and include cleanings and oral health screenings.  Referral service to a local dentist is provided as needed.

Care Manager

Alcona Health Center’s Care Managers are (typically) Registered Nurses who specialize in offering support to our patients with a new diagnosis or ongoing/chronic conditions.  They work with you, your healthcare provider, and other members of your care team to help you set and achieve realistic health goals.  Care Managers provide education, provide support through tracking and other tools, and are a consistent partner in your journey to better health.  As a Patient Centered Medical Home, Alcona Health Center’s Care Managers also help to coordinate care. If you have had a recent hospital visit or are seeing a specialist outside of Alcona Health Center, the Care Manager works with members of your care team and you (the patient) to make sure everyone has the most up to date information about your health.

Community Health Worker

Alcona Health Center’s Community Health Workers are specially trained individuals who help support our patients’ “social determinants of health”.  This can be just about any barrier that is keeping you from reaching your health goal or impacting your physical or mental wellbeing.  Your primary care provider, behavioral health professional or other member of your care team can refer you to the Community Health Worker for assistance with things like, assistance filling out complex forms, child care and parenting resources, educational resources, food insecurity, housing or transportation issues, help locating financial resources, help connecting with social support, assistance in signing up for and understanding insurance and more.


Alcona Health Center has a Registered Dietitian on staff who meets with patients who need support with nutrition education and dietary issues related to health.  The Registered Dietitian is also a great resource for other members of your care team.  If you access care in a location that does not have a dietitian on staff, your Care Manager, Community Health Worker or Health Care Provider can always reach out to the dietitian for help with specific resources or education materials to support your health.

MAT/Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Individual and group counseling services for Substance Use Disorder are provided on site at Alcona Health Center by our behavioral health team and through service with a contracted partner agency.  As an extension of this, Alcona Health Center also offers MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment.   Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based practice that combines pharmacological interventions with substance use disorder counseling and other specialized services that enhance one’s recovery process. Although not for everyone, it is an essential part of the services available to people struggling with addiction to alcohol or other drugs.


Alcona Health Center Pharmacy is open to the entire community. You do not need to be a patient of Alcona Health Center to utilize our services. We participate with most commercial insurances, Medicare part D and Medicaid plans. With knowledgeable pharmacists to answer your questions and a staff that strives for excellence in customer service, Alcona Health Center Pharmacy is here to meet all of your medication needs.  A selection of Over the Counter (OTC) items are available for purchase, and we offer a MedSafe Medication Disposal Program.  Sliding Fee Service is offered for established patients of Alcona Health Center Patients.  For more information about our pharmacy locations, see the locations page.


Alcona Health Center contracts with psychiatrists to provide Tele-psychiatry services.  These behavioral health professionals are located at a remote location but are able to meet with patients in our rural Northern MI areas in real time using a secure connection and audio/visual equipment.  Tele-psychiatry makes it possible for folks with barriers to transportation issues or who are unable to travel for family or work reasons access to care that they might have otherwise not been able to get.  Alcona Health Center takes a comprehensive approach to care and works with your primary care physician to ensure we are meeting all of your health needs.  Due to this, patients must be established with a primary care provider at Alcona Health Center to utilize our behavioral health services, including Tele-psychiatry.

Wellness Classes

Alcona Health Center offers a variety of health related classes at different times and locations throughout the year.  Examples of classes that have been offered are PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) classes covering topics like Diabetes or Chronic Pain Management, Matter of Balance classes, exercise classes, nutrition classes and more.  Some of these classes are offered directly from Alcona Health Center and others are made possible through community collaboration.  The cost of these classes does vary depending on the class structure, if materials are provided and if there is a need for an office visit.  However in some cases we are able to offer classes free of charge.  For a full listing of current classes, check out our Community Calendar on the home page.

Translation/Interpretive Services

Alcona Health Center will provide interpretive services for foreign speaking patients, deaf and/or blind patients, and patients with low health literacy to promote meaningful communication and patient understanding of their medical conditions and treatments.  For best service, please notify us in advance if this services is needed.