Self Care Charts

Before you call the doctor, the self care charts can help you look up symptoms to describe your concern and share it with your provider. We have listed some of the most common symptoms for your information.

In an emergency, please call 911 to ensure help will arrive as soon as possible.

Self Care

Abdominal Pain, Long-Term
Abdominal Pain, Short-Term
Ankle Problems
Breast Problems in Men
Chest Pains in Infants and Children
Chest Pains, Acute
Chest Pains, Chronic
Cold and Flu
Ear Problems
Elimination Problems in Infants and Children
Elimination Problems
Eye Problems
Facial Swelling
Feeding Problems in Infants and Children
Fever in Infants and Children
Foot Problems
Genital Problems in Infants and Children
Genital Problems in Men
Genital Problems in Women
Hair Loss
Hand/Wrist/Arm Problems
Hearing Problems
Hip Problems
Knee Problems
Leg Problems
Lower Back Pain
Menstrual Cycle Problems
Mouth Problems in Infants and Children
Mouth Problems
Nausea and Vomiting In Infants and Children
Nausea and Vomiting
Neck Pain
Neck Swelling
Shortness of Breath in Infants and Children
Shortness of Breath
Shoulder Problems
Skin Rashes and Other Problems
Throat Problems
Tooth Problems
Urination Problems