[!] Alert:

Our clinics will close at noon on 4/10 in observance of Good Friday. WALK-IN SERVICES have been temporarily discontinued. Please CALL AHEAD. TELEMEDICINE is available for certain appointment types. We are currently dedicating certain hours of the day for WELLNESS APPOINTMENTS. SCREENINGS: We have implemented a front door screening program for anyone who enters the facility. The screening involves brief questions regarding your medical condition. We ask that only essential people accompany the patient to the clinic. DENTAL SERVICES hours have temporarily changed to treat emergent cases only by appointment. Our PHARMACIES are open. COVID-19 HOTLINE: The State of MI has established a hotline to answer questions, daily from 8am to 5pm at (888)535-6136.


School-Based Behavioral Health Locations

ACES Academy – Alpena

Alpena High School

Central Elementary – Petoskey

Ella White Elementary – Alpena

Gaylord Intermediate

(989) 739-2550 (Ext. 1122 - Switchboard/Scheduling)

Lincoln Elementary – Petoskey

North Ohio Elementary

(989) 739-2550 (Ext. 1122 - Switchboard/Scheduling)

Oscoda Middle/High School

(989) 739-2550 (Ext. 1122 - Switchboard/Scheduling)

​​Ottawa Elementary – Petoskey

Petoskey High School

Petoskey Middle School

(231) 348-9900 (Ext. 1122 - Switchboard/Scheduling)

Pickford School

Richardson Elementary School

S Maple Elementary School

(989) 739-2550 (Ext. 1122 - Switchboard/Scheduling)

Sheridan Elementary – Petoskey

Thunder Bay Junior High School – Alpena

Wildcat Clinic at Lincoln Elementary

Wilson Elementary – Alpena